“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it”

– Buddha

It's not always easy to figure out the right career for you when some of today's top jobs didn't exist ten years ago and you have no idea what you could be really great at. It might feel like everyone else seems to be on their way and you're still spinning on the spot. Googling down rabbit holes can start to feel like you're blindfolded, in a dark room, looking for a black cat, that isn't there. It's crazy-making and stress symptoms soon start to appear; foggy brain, overwhelm, low motivation and mental fatigue. Here's where I come in with a unique three step approach.

Life Coaching

ignites capability and creative

problem solving. It sharpens the ‘mental’ saw and cuts through brain fog, fast.






Energy work

grounds you in truth

and lightness. It connects to your heart wisdom; your core values,  core truth and perfect inner knowing. 






explains the science behind your personality, character strengths, interests, aptitudes and values. You leave with a crystal clear understanding of your unique personal style; like a roadmap

to career satisfaction.



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