I provide Career Guidance to young adults who struggle with career uncertainty, stress and anxiety and who need information and mindset support to figure out their next step. Working with me helps them to feel clear about life direction and confident about how to find opportunities where they can truly excel because doing our right work is one of the greatest gifts in life.

My approach is totally unique; I use psychometric assessment but that’s not enough. I apply the science of positive psychology life coaching, CBT, creativity and biofeedback to help build self-belief, self-trust and opportunity awareness.

My clients leave with scientific self-knowledge and the inner confidence to take action.

You can work with me 1:1 online or face to face and if you’re a real whizz you can take my short self-study program ‘Freedom 101’ which is the same process but without a ‘live’ element.

    It’s easier to build strong kids than repair broken adults

                                                                          Frederick Douglass

My name is Aisling. I teach, facilitate groups, coach, and write. I hold postgraduate degrees in Guidance Counselling, Education and Applied Coaching Psychology. I am a Bodymind Balancing practitioner, .B Mindfulness Facilitator and am currently training in Clean Language facilitation. I work with the PDST Post-Primary Wellbeing team and I facilitate teachers around the country in the effective delivery of Social Personal and Health Education. I have worked as a Guidance Counsellor and educator for over 14 years in a combination of mainstream education, juvenile justice and intellectual disability services. I am an accredited member of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors, the Association for Coaching (AC), the Psychological Society of Ireland Specialist Coaching Group and the British Psychological Society as an Occupational Assessment practitioner.


  When I came to work with you I felt like I was wandering around in a dark room with no windows and no doors. Now, I feel like the whole roof has been lifted off and this room is flooded with bright light



Third Level Student, Limerick, Ireland

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